Until We Meet Again

With travel comes love, and with love comes travel. 

Im infamous for having an idea one day, and getting on a plane the next. You can accept it or not. If you invite me somewhere the odd's will forever be in your favor. If it weren't for my 'spur of the moment' or just 'ridiculousness' I wouldn't have seen the places I've seen, met the people I have, experienced all the cultures and differences the world has to offer. No, I am not deprived of a beautiful life or have I ever been. The Travel Bug runs in my veins.

My parents are to thank for this, both had the urge to leave home and what was to them at the time just a dull place to be. The excitement, ambience, exhilaration was not to be had, it was just starting to run on cruise control. They craved that match to ignite and bring on a new stimulant of trying something completely different, like the thrill of being on a roller coaster right at the pinnacle of feeling completely weightless. You take a deep breathe and you go! 

I do not wish to visit one place once, but rather know that one day I will be back and until then,